In constant search for better

Archa Inženiring is a young team of people who enjoy creating excellent museum equipment. We have already cooperated in numerous projects; in 2013, we made a step further and created the Archa Inženiring Company. We accept professional challenges with a youthful enthusiasm and are in search for the best solutions with knowledge and persistence. Every special wish made by our customers presents an opportunity for professional growth and every project is experienced as an option to satisfy our customers. We work with our heart, so we allow ourselves to dream big.

Peter Čevnja
Manager / construction, informatics

By his experience and in his interest, Peter Čevnja is a project designer, so he mostly devotes his time constructing products. He is a specialist for technical documentation. Next to project designing, he also works as the director of the Archa Inženiring company and supervises the informatics.

Boštjan Štolfa
Sales and operations management

Boštjan Štolfa’s specialty is communication with customers. He is responsible for sales department and complete project managing to the final quality control. He also takes care of preparations for approval drawings, purchase of suitable materials and optimisation of processes in project performance.

Anita Petelin
Sales, operations organisation

Anita Petelin is the invisible strength behind every project. She is responsible for preparation of offers and coordination among suppliers; simultaneously, she takes care of the transport and other working processes’ organisation. She is the irreplaceable right hand to all of her office colleagues.

Tomo Godnič
Research, design, construction

Tomo Godnič is a man of open eyes. He expresses his creativity in designing and constructing museum display cases. Numerous new ideas and improvements are realized through his unique metal furniture design, which presents a specialty in company’s offer.

Andrej Kobal
Construction and technical support

Andrej Kobal knows how to use his rich experience. In the preparation phase for offers, he takes care of technical support and in the following phases of the project, he constructs products and prepares all the necessary technical drawings. He connects all of the project phases in an effective whole without an error.