25. 01. 2019

NEW type of Freestanding case done in entire glass sides.


Case sides are partially done in black coloured glass (top & base). Available in Low-iron glass, mitered black vertical joints.

Case done as airtight with different options of humidity control (desiccant tray, MiniClima, membranes)

Hidden LED spot lighting on case ceiling or LED panel.

Case was first time present in january 2019 on SITEM Paris.


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28. 11. 2018

Company Archa inzeniring d.o.o. already 5 years on global market


In this time we successfully realized over 270 projects from Middle East to the US West, including the whole Europe territory. We are proud that our products satisfied many demanding clients, state museums and private institutions.

The flexibility of the company is reflected in a large number of custom made projects.

We are not afraid of what future will bring to us. We are looking forward to the new challenges, that this kind of work brings to us.

At this point we would like to give a special thanks to all our loyal clients and to all of you who entrusted us in recent years to produce such a special equipment as museum showcases are.

14. 09. 2018
Archa external display case

Archa designed and manufactured first display case to protect the exhibits outside.

Protecting display case is done for old wine press in Lanthieri coutyard in Vipava.

With special care to external conditions, according to unique weather conditions (bora wind with rain) we develop display protecting case that protects the exhibited object from weather inconveniences.

Safety laminated glass with UV protecting foil, reinforced base and vertical corners, air-circulation gaps covered with mesh, external powdercoating surface etc.

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22. 08. 2018

We are proud to announce that company Archa inženiring d.o.o. achieved Highest Creditworthiness Rating - AAA for 2018.