Archa inženiring has the ability to follow the trends in conservation and to fulfil the museum's needs. Moreover, Archa is constantly developing new products and systems in order to make handling with cases more user friendly and safe.

Freestanding case done in entire glass sides

NEW type of Freestanding case done in entire glass sides.


Case sides are partially done in black coloured glass (top & base).

Available in Low-iron glass with mitered black vertical joints.

Case done as airtight with different options of humidity control (desiccant tray, MiniClima, membranes).

Hidden LED spot lighting on case ceiling or LED panel.

Case was first time present in january 2019 on SITEM Paris.


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Modular partition walls

Be flexible and create your own exhibition place

Archa modular partition wall system is available in standard format or in desired size.

We offer flexible, convenient, simple and workable solutions.

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Hinge&Slide system by Archa

Unique solution for easy opening and perfect tightness of display cases

Opening of display cases, especially those with large wing doors, often presents a very demanding and dangerous task for museum staff. Glass doors are heavy and can lower down; therefore, a suitable support for the open doors should be assured by opening. In the process, the stability of the display case and often also the security of the staff are endangered.

Archa inženiring develops a unique system, which enables easy opening of display cases with its Slide system, simultaneously the Hinge system still ensures tightness of the display case. Please contact us for more information.