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  • Mount Atos



The Saint George the Zograf Monastery or Zograf Monastery (Bulgarian: Зографски манастир; Greek: Μονή Ζωγράφου, Moní Zográphou) is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos (the Holy Mountain) in Greece. It was founded in the late 9th or early 10th century by three Bulgarians from Ohrid and is regarded as the historical Bulgarian monastery on Mount Athos. It is traditionally inhabited by Bulgarian Orthodox monks.

The monastery is renowned for its rich library, keeping priceless manuscripts. For safe-keeping of these manuscripts, the Archa Inženiring Company made a special depot equipment: chests of drawers, cases, transportable shelves (mobile units – compactus) and other equipment. A part of this equipment is specially adapted to the specific demands of keeping some valuable documents. The Archa Inženiring Company has once again proven, that it is a topmost specialist for custom made museum equipment.

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