Archa pro

Depot equipment Archa pro Depot fulfils high standards of suitable conditions for keeping the exhibited items. High-quality materials and used technical solutions ensure lasting, safe and easy to handle products. Depot equipment is available in different options and equipment solutions.

Good preservation starts in depot


Drawers enable simple and transparent storage of goods. With glass top can be safety locked and done with humidity passive or active control system and lighting if needed. Drawers can be done as simply removable from guides. Dimensions on request.


Storage cabinets can be done in numerous options. Front door done in powdercoated metal sheet or glass with hinged or sliding opening system. Interior arrangements will suit all your needs with high adjustable metal shelves, hanging rods etc. Storage cabinets can also be equiped with passive or active humidity control, conservatory neutral materials and high security locking system. Dimensions on request.

Pull-out mesh

Archa pull-out mesh systems enable different configurations of meshes on sliding metal frames. Meshes can be slide out on wheels or without wheels, hanged on rails or high quality bearing systems. Frames with meshes can be safety closed in a dust protection cabinet or done as an open system. Main structure consist of powdercoated metal tubes as pilars and horizontal traverses that can be adapted to available storage space or hanged from ceiling.

Mobile storage

Mobile storage system is a unique storage solution with both side use of movable cabinets. Mechanism enable easy and simple movement of singe unit or all units in a line. Main advantage of this system is high space efficiency and up to twice much more storage space in the same square footage compared to traditional fixed cabinets. Each movable unit can be done with high adjustable shelves, drawers, cabinets etc. according to user needs. Dimensions and unit equipment on request.

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