All steps of our working process are carefully planned and at the same time they allow us enough creativity and flexibility, when new or unexpected challenges arise. Focus on quality, precision and responsibility forms basis to everything we create. So the final result is an excellent product, which brings a new value to each museum.

Focus on the final result

Concept & Design

…is the most creative phase of our working process. Following the wishes and needs of our customers, we form suitable solutions. At customers’ request, we prepare renderings for better visualisation of any product. Approval drawings with all technical elements clarified folow after receiving official order. When a customer approves the drawings, we create a production drawings of all individual equipment parts and manufacturing proces can start.


Our production is organized as a cluster of the best suppliers of metal parts, glass, lighting equipment and all other showcase elements. The assembly of the final products is held in our company, where our qualified staff, provides for perfect assembly of all product elements. Before the shipment we perform a precise control of quality based on approved drawings, to which every product has to fit in its detail.

Logistic and

All our products are properly packed prior to the shipment. We deliver smaller products directly to our customers, for the rest oversize display cases, a suitable transport and installation on site is organized. Highly-qualified staff takes care also for training of the client’s staff upon specific operating manuals.

Confidence creates true bonds


We believe that good relations can create true bonds and good friendships. We value all our business partners; therefore, we create partnerships with customers and suppliers with trust.

Since the beginning, our company has an excellent cooperation with the German design studio studiostopa and their museum display expert.
In the creative cooperation, we find suitable solutions faster and efficiently solve every problem. Partnerships bring benefits to all.

Do you have specific spatial demands in your museum?
Our experienced professionals can offer a solution.

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