Wide assortment of museum and depot equipment presents our most important priorities. We will be glad if you will find a suitable solution for your needs.

Wide range of products and custom solutions

Archa pro

The line of display cases Archa pro Museum includes all mostly used shapes of display cases and unique display case solutions. Wide range allows you to find a display case that will suit your requirements. Each display case could be equipped with different options and equipment solutions.

Fabulous Animals exhibition, photo Ellen C. Holte
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, 2022

Archa pro

With a lot of valuable items and collections to be safely stored, depot equipment from ARCHA offers some useful solutions. Quality materials ensure lasting and easy to handle products which provide safe place for exibits.

To find best adapting solutions for clients, we specialize in custom measure depot equipment where we have several references.

Archa pro

Archa pro Exhibition is a special line of products and services designed to help you to set up and organize an exhibition. With our own professional knowledge and in cooperation with experts from the field of audio and video systems and other equipment, we can help you set up exhibitions according to your wishes

Design studio

Archa Design Studio is our lab and creative playground. Our original solutions are based upon ourideas, wide knowledge and notable experience. Your ideas are more than welcome. Designers and architects are kindly invited to get in contact with us.

Do you have specific spatial demands in your museum?
Our experienced professionals can offer a solution.

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