Lisbon, PORTUGAL, 2022

Ajuda National Palace – Royal Treasure Museum

The Ajuda National Palace host a museum with unique items that is really worth visiting – Royal Treasure Museum. The permanent collection of the museum – Crown Jewels (Museu do Tesouro Real/ Joias da Coroa) displays a great number of the Jewels from many different sources and belonged either to the Crown or to private collections of different members of the Portuguese Royal Family.

Based on the design of architect buro united by, Archa engineered, produced and installed several extremely high (some extend over two floors) motorized showcases.

The engineering of some showcases was extreme challenge for us due to the dimensions of the cases, motorized opening system of more than 3m high glass doors and exceptionally demanding site conditions. All delicate case parts were transport into building through one small roof window using special platform and crane.

To achieve good conservation – grade all showcases are designed to include chamber for passive relative humidity control equipment and prepared for integration of AVAC system.

All showcases are designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of security, to protect the exhibited objects from theft and any other unwanted tampering.

For this purpose anti bandit glass was used with security level P6B with combination of special motorized opening.

To obtain sophisticated final result, cases were equipped with front benches, done in glossy media-pan with special dark top glass panel that allows projection of hidden screens inside the benches.

In the end we allows ourselves to say that Archa showcases contribute to create unique atmosphere inside museum, that allow visitors to walk back in time and to experience part of magnificent royal life.

Types of display cases

Wall cases,


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