Cuffy, FRANCE, 2021

Church of Saint-Maurice

In collaboration with our French partner we developed and produced one showcase for Church of Saint-Maurice de Cuffy. Exposed “treasure”  (a recently restored -18th century ship of the Royal Navy) is located in building with free access,  special attention was paid to security of case and conservation-grade.

Very high security level was achived with anti-bandid glass, special metal blade positioned between the vertical glass corners,  non-visible Abloy® security locks and a door opening alarm that complete the system.

For easier and safetier handeling of the delicat exhibit, we equiped showcase with sliding display metal panel.

Great internal lighting helped  to create special atmosfer, where this ship shine in all its glory.

Vitrine patrimoniale avec contrôle hygrométrique par Fluxor – Eglise Saint-Maurice de Cuffy

Types of display cases

Freestanding display case

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