Grand Rapids, USA, 2016

Gerald Ford Museum

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is the museum of Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the United States. It is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   The museum collections houses approximately 20,000 artifacts from the life and career of President Ford and life of Mrs. Ford as well. Project realised with Schmitz&Schmitz LLC in 2016.

Some of these special objects are saved also in Archa showcases.

All showcases incorporate humidity control according to the requirements of the conservators and the delicacy of the works displayed. Precisely because of delicacy of some exhibits and difficult access to the showcase, we were forced to fit in some cases electrically operated, synchronous motor system that was integrated into case plinths.

To allow total visibility of some exhibits on display instead of a classic all-glass showcase, we prepared clear cases with minimal top frame and hidden small hinges.

Types of display cases




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