Izieu, FRANCE, 2022

The Maison d’Izieu

For new galery – La Galerie Zlatin in the museum: The Maison d’Izieu, we produced several custom-made showcases respecting the very strict conservation standards.

The Colors of Carefree exhibition, words and images of the children of the Maison d’Izieu presented to the public for the first time the original letters and drawings of the deported children during second world war.

Very strict conditions were achived with help of Fluxor® membrane system, Propadyn®  passive regulator and in addition ventilator for air circilation.

To prevent any external influence, we used laminated glass that provides important protection from external UV radiation and lighting with a very high quality CRI and minimal heat generation.

Vitrines patrimoniales avec contrôle climatique par Fluxor® – Mémorial des enfants d’Izieu

Types of display cases

Wall display cases,


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