Jeruzalem, IZRAEL, 2023

Tower of David Jerusalem Museum

The Tower of David museum was formed in 1989 inside the complex next to Jaffa Gate known as the “Tower of David” -“David Citadel”. It was a privilege for us to got this opportunity to be part of renovation of this Great monument

Together with our Israel partner we created 10 table, vertical, wall-mounted and free-standing display cases.

These very clean designed display cases  assure high levels of security, thanks to the use of special glass panels, security locks and alarm system.

They are also equipped with a passive system to control relative humidity, by means of silica gel housed in a special compartment in the base and top, which allows checks and replacement without the need to open the display compartment. Our goal for all showcases was 0,1 AER.  All showcases are equipped with LED lighting, done by SVlighting.

Types of display cases

Freestanding display case,

Wall cases,



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