Mississippi, USA, 2017

Civil Rights Museum

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is the first state-funded civil rights museum in America. Located in Jackson, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum was first opened to the public in 2017. Project realised with Schmitz&Schmitz LLC in 2018.

The Museum consists of a lobby and eight galleries. The design concept encourages patrons to pass through dark tunnels representing dark periods of history, before emerging into a well-lit, contemplative space.

Same final effect was also emphasized with use of two different contrast color. One (dark black) for external and other (light color) for all plate within the display case area.

To achieveeven better results all internal ZF-MDF were covered with Ulster Linen fabric.

Working with museum architect biro, Archa has created 22 special showcases.  All are very high performed in terms of preventive conservation (high airtightness with passive control of relative humidity) and are characterized by special design.

Special attention was paid to defining colors and custom finishes since special design requirements were demanded.

Types of display cases




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