Oslo, Norway, 2020

Museum of Cultural history



One of the great exhibition in The Historical Museum in Oslo is: Fabulous Animals – from the Iron Age to the Vikings ~ Jewellery and weapons decorated with Scandinavian animal ornamentation. Based on a Client concept Historisk museum Oslo / Anne Schnettler, Archa has produced 13 display cases and helped  to create special dark and mysterious atmosphere, so that fine golden objects are glowing and lighting up in the space and calling for attention.

All showcases fully addressing aesthetic, security and conservation requirements. They assure high level of security, thanks to the use of special museum quality laminated, low iron, Anti-reflective glass with safety standard P4A and Assa Abloy™ security locks that are fitted as a standard.

In addition, all cases are equipped with a passive system to control relative humidity by means of desiccants housed in a special compartment in the base, which allows checks and replacement without the need to open the display compartment.

All materials used within the display chamber are conform to international museum conservation standards and are tested (ODDY-tested) and approved by the KHM conservator.

Hidden hinges by Archa inženiring, special ceiling LED lighting systems and black vertical sealing enable the clean, sophisticated design and increase the quality of the display cases.

photo Ellen C. HolteCMuseum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, 2022

Types of display cases


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