Trier, DE, 2014

Porta Nigra & Kaiserthermen


Trier, a German city on the banks of the Moselle River, was a Roman colony from the 1st century AD. It became a great trading centre and later on, one of the Tetrarchy capitals at the end of the 3rd century, when it was known as the ‘second Rome’. The number and quality of the surviving monuments are an outstanding testimony of the Roman civilization.

The Porta Nigra is a large Roman city gate in Trier, known as the largest Roman city gate placed northern of the Alps.

The Trier Imperial Baths (German: Kaiserthermen) are a large Roman bath complex in Trier. These two famous Roman monuments, listed by the UNESCO world cultural heritage, were a unique and completely new challenge for the Archa Inženiring Company.

The Porta Nigra and the Kaiserthermen were equipped with street furniture and pedestals, designed by SPACE 4 Stuttgart Architectural Bureau. All of the equipment, namely benches and pedestals as well as supporting constructions for models and inscriptive boards, are made from fibre cement boards, zinc (galvanized) under-construction and dust-coloured sheet metal.


Types of display cases


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