Valletta, Malta, 2014

Postal Museum

Malta post recently established its own Postal Museum in Valetta which is designed to exhibit artefacts related to the postal services collected over the years since the service was introduced in Malta. The museum houses all of Maltapost’s archives and offers visitors a holistic experience on the technique and art involved in stamp printing.

We manufactured and assembled various display cases for the new postal museum in Valetta. The project includes wall, table and stand-alone display cases of various sizes and settings. The cases are equipped with LED lighting and Pro-Sorb Tray, granule drawer, which passively regulates the humidity in the case. Special features in these cases are ZF MDF internal boards, wrapped in special Creation Baumann fabric.

Archa Inženiring takes care to use materials that have no emissions and have been Oddy tested – special testing, introduced by the British Museum, to check content of toxic substances in the materials inside of a display case.

Types of display cases




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